CNN BREAKING NEWS: Despair in Maldives, Neighbors Give No Aid

Before lunch, SEARO was given a crisis update that notified the committee that the state of the Maldives has flooded. Up to eighty percent of the country is submerged in water and has not received aid from its neighboring countries. After much observation and realization that the region is at risk for much more flooding, the committee moved to an unmoderated caucus to discuss preventative measures.

To the despair of the delegate of the Maldives, no one mentioned how to aid the small island nation. As she attempted to voice her opinion and distress, the committee tuned a blind eye and the chairs saw no reason to direct attention to the issue at hand.

Granted climate change is an issue that effects the entire world, one can’t help but wonder if SEARO realizes the image it has created for itself. Casting a fellow country and its people aside is not the image one should portray when NGOS have stated that their goals and agendas are community oriented.

Maldives implores its neighbors for aid and assistance. “It’s likely that many island nations and smaller coastal nations are likely to disappear over time. It’s a shame that the possibility is that high”, she stresses.

The policies and possible solutions that the Maldives had originally felt that mangrove restoration projects are the first step to protecting the state’s shoreline from erosion.

In addition, the Maldives suffers from destruction of the coral reef in the area; the bleaching of coral has reached 60 percent and they have started to fall apart.

Several of the smaller states have not been able to voice their concerns due to the committee’s lackluster debate on who is economically responsible for propping up its neighbor. Singapore stated that being forced to provide aid is impossible because of rights to national sovereignty.

On the other hand, India and China have been arguing back and forth over who’s more economically advanced while North Korea is sitting the background attempting to change the topic to new energy capabilities, specifically, civic nuclear energy.

Due to the damage created, Maldives is unable to allocate funds outside of its domestic realm. With 80 percent of its land, infrastructure, and population damaged or displaced, it is unlikely that the Maldives will return to a state of normalcy without international aid.

Hopefully, the power play can be put aside so that states like the Maldives can gain the aid necessary to preserve life.

See video here:

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