CNN: EMRO On the Right Track

Thanks to Somalia and their resourcefulness in the past, EMRO is on the verge of successfully creating Med Pack, an initiative that could be used globally. Med Pack is a package that includes different preventative interventions, as well as educates the recipients. Due to the diversity in challenges that nations face, it is quite impossible to find a single intervention that would resolve all of them at once. Therefore, in creating these packages, different nations can choose what they would like to include based on the various burdens they face. These packages can include comprehensive medical interventions such as Hepatitis C vaccinations, Polio Vaccinations, Tuberculosis vaccinations, and even inhalers. They also include life style based interventions as well as easily understandable literature to promote healthy choices. EMRO has teamed up with Partners in Health to educate community health workers as well as initiate the distribution of packages. These participants will be trained to best execute distribution, as well as provide health related information to their various communities. We thank this committee for thinking creatively as well as globally.

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