CNN: Race to the Finish Line

Many NGO’s and Pharmaceutical companies have already put their stamp of approval on different committees. So far the Red Cross and the Gates foundation have approved AMRO, SERO, and EMRO. With three organizations approved is Refugees International, which has given their seal of approval to EMRO, EURO, and SEARO. Partners in Health has given out the fewest approvals, with seals given only to AFRO and EURO. Meanwhile, Doctors Without Borders has approved all of the participating committees.

These results leave AMRO, AFRO EURO each with three seals of approval, meaning they each still need one more seal to pass their resolution. Well done to SEARO and EURO who are now in good standing with their resolutions. Congratulations to AFRO their two-million-dollar grant, EURO on their one-million-dollar grant, and EMRO on their astounding six-million-dollar grant. These results are changing fast!

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