CNN: The Road to Getting Med Packs Passed

Over the past two days, EMRO created a resolution that is promoting health in countries with higher and lower GDPs. Early on, finding common ground on what to focus on was a large barrier that EMRO had to face. The ideas presented in the past two days have the abilities to foster new relationship as well combat many health related issues. Med pack and Edu packs are the main focus of their resolution. Both of these packages aid in the prevention of many of the burdens that these areas face. The Med Packs for countries with high levels of communicable diseases include various vaccinations that would lower their incidence rates. In other areas where their main concerns are non-communicable diseases such as Cardio Vascular Disease the Edu Packs would be more useful.

When asked about how these packages would be dispersed, the delegates expanded on their plans to use community health workers as a means to provide the packages to those in need. The medication provided in these packages would be supplied in collaboration with Pfizer and Novartis. With Partners in Health, EMRO hopes to train community members in order to build sustainable health systems within the region. These trained health workers would not only handout the packages, but also educate community members on the function and proper use of the packages. This solution would bring sustainable change that would hopefully integrate in to main stream behavior.

A unique idea that was also brought up during their interview was the creation of a union between developed and developing countries. This would incorporate the aid of countries with higher GDPs such as Saudi Arabia (has pharma tech companies along with many other resources), aiding those in need of improved infrastructure. The aid that is provided will integrate telecommunication to increase the tools that countries with lower GDPs cannot afford. This would benefit the recipient country, as well as bring good public relations to the donor country. This will result in further investment in developed countries from outside corporations due to their humanitarian endeavors.

When discussing what measures would be taken in order to protect, as well as sustain the health of refugees, EMRO proved once more to have thought of a comprehensive solution. They were excited to use their Med Packs to address the issues pertaining to refugee health. The packs would aid immensely in hosting areas with high rates of non-communicable diseases, which would have easily spread due to the density of the population. The host countries would also implement comprehensive medial coverage to take care those refugees that choose to stay in their countries, which is a truly a huge step in global aid. EMRO has some great plans, we hope to see these carried out in the near future.

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