BBC: Half way through plenary, what’s the tea?

Having officially passed both AFRO and AMRO we are close to finishing up EURO. EURO was no easy one to pass. We saw a heated debate between Singapore and Russia, both failing to compromise on any means. Furthermore, singapore brings in controversial evidence that accused Russia of lying to to the entire WHO. Not to worry, Russia explained its ambitions and the true underlying meaning of this evidence

EURO, thus far, has been the only one to incorporate a panel in order to gather data on maternal needs and their health. Surprisingly, no one had objected to this addition. They also heavily focused on giving education to not only women but also to men. India was quick to bring up the point on how not all countries would be willing to enforce this in their countries because of the many cultural stigmas and boundaries that prohibit men from being able to get this education. Essentially it is still a suggestion. Having males educated, we believe, is very important. We learn that men start to become empathetic towards women because they do not know how to help women in controversial situations.

Australia brought up the point on how maternal education should not be government mandated in schools because of the age of the kids. “These kids are way off from having kids” Australia states. To further this statement, they expand on the idea that because these kids are so young maternal education could lead to being unnecessary or possibly uncomfortable for many of the young children who once again “ are a way off from having kids”. Russia quickly refuted saying that this was necessary to educate kids from a young age in order to ensure that they have a strong background when they’re older.

Paternal pay was another unique clause in their resolution. Interestingly enough, notice the wording is paternal and not just maternal. Further ensuring that they plan on encouraging men to be involved with the topic of sexual and reproductive health.

This is all the tea that has been spilled till now. BBC will keep you updated with more comments from singapore, and many more faceoffs regarding the questioning if countries have done their research or not.

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